Transitioning Out of The Swaddle

Hey Saltee People, Today we are talking about the transition out of the swaddle. Just to give you some background information on swaddling as I know a lot of you may just be reading this as non-parents. Newborns are proven to sleep better and longer when swaddled. They have a startle reflex that causes their... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know What To Say

I don't know how to start this, I don't know what to title this and I just don't know where this is going to go.  George Floyd.  The death of this man, the events that transpired are unacceptable and completely avoidable.  There are so many other words and thoughts but it's SO hard to write... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Update – 2nd Trimester

Hey Saltee People! Trying really hard not to make all of my content about being pregnant, I promise! But honestly it's the only exciting thing going on in this never ending shelter and place LOL.  So here is my 2nd trimester update!  My 2nd trimester felt a lot longer then the first... probably because I... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Update – 1st Trimester

Hey Saltee People, Currently being 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant I was reading through Sivan's website and got inspired to write this pregnancy update.  I feel like I totally just skipped over the whole 1st trimester update.  And here I am half way through my second trimester.  I am thinking about doing a Q+A... Continue Reading →

The Proposal

Hey Saltee People, I have been meaning to write this proposal blog and for some reason I never got to it.  So today, here I am, getting to it. To properly tell the story I need to go back to 6 years ago.  Chris and I had just started dating that summer and he was... Continue Reading →

Q + A: My Relationship

Hey Saltee People! This week, today actually marks 1 month of marriage so I thought this would be a fitting blog post.  A few weeks ago I asked you guys to ask me questions on IG and now we're answering them! Were you planning on getting pregnant before you got engaged? Definitely not! I actually... Continue Reading →

Wedding Details: What I Wore

Hi Saltee People, Here is the beginning of MANY wedding related posts.  Originally I was going to link ALL of my wedding stuff in one post, but that would be a VERY long post.  So the first is going to be what I wore, what Chris wore along with how I handled bridal party attire... Continue Reading →

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