All About Allergies with Mighty Me

Hey Saltee People! Last month (MAY) was Allergy Awareness Month, and I fully intended on sharing this blog post then. But to be super transparent, the month got away from me. So, here I am in June, writing this blog post. Although not Allergy Awareness Month, I still want to talk about this because it's... Continue Reading →

What Happened in the NICU

Hey Saltee People, I was going through my 2020 journal - any one else every do this? - and realized I never really explained what happened after I gave birth. I have my birth story on youtube (you can click here to see that) but I didn't really cover what happened immediately after. It's not... Continue Reading →

10 Gifts to Get Your: Kiddos

Hey Saltee People! Today we are talking gifts to get the kiddos! These are gift ideas that I either purchased for Jameson, have on his wishlist or already own. I definitely tried to include some great small business options! I also feel like it's really important to clarify that you do not need to get... Continue Reading →

Sleep Training our 5 Month Old

Hey Saltee People: Today we are talking about my sleep training experience. I chose to go with the Taking Cara Babies ABC's of sleep. This one I particularly liked because it stressed that it was not a cry it out method. I also love Cara and I think she has so much good information and... Continue Reading →

Transitioning Out of The Swaddle

Hey Saltee People, Today we are talking about the transition out of the swaddle. Just to give you some background information on swaddling as I know a lot of you may just be reading this as non-parents. Newborns are proven to sleep better and longer when swaddled. They have a startle reflex that causes their... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know What To Say

I don't know how to start this, I don't know what to title this and I just don't know where this is going to go.  George Floyd.  The death of this man, the events that transpired are unacceptable and completely avoidable.  There are so many other words and thoughts but it's SO hard to write... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Update – 2nd Trimester

Hey Saltee People! Trying really hard not to make all of my content about being pregnant, I promise! But honestly it's the only exciting thing going on in this never ending shelter and place LOL.  So here is my 2nd trimester update!  My 2nd trimester felt a lot longer then the first... probably because I... Continue Reading →

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