What it’s like to model with Midori

Hello everyone!

If you guys follow my Instagram you know that earlier this year I got the privilege to model for Midori Bikinis. I have always been a huge fan of their swimwear so this was very exciting for me.

Since then a lot of people had asked me if I am ambassador for them, and no I am not.  I re-applied this July and my fingers are crossed.

I ended up getting in contact with the company because I had tried to apply to be an ambassador but their computer system rejected my application.  I emailed them asking what had happened and they replied telling me since I had applied the previous year they already had one on file.  Then they proceeded to tell me that they  actually had wanted to do a photo shoot with me and planed on emailing me anyways.

So fast forward to the day of the shoot. The shoot began at 10 am and was at an AirBnB in Encinitas.  I did my own hair and make up and when I got there and it was super relaxed and the girls were all so nice.  They had me shoot in about 8 different looks and they also were collaborating with a few other companies such as Hemlock Hat Co. Belladaar jewelry and Organic Flora.

The photographer we worked with is names Shayla and she is super talented. In the past she has also work with their ambassador Navy.

I got to shoot with ambassadors Cayden and Mariah and Cayden’s sister Kinsley.  All of them are so friendly and down to earth.  I still keep in contact with all of them through social media.

Overall the photo shoot was just a lot of fun.  I did get to keep a couple of the suits that I modeled in which I was also very excited about. You can never have too many bikinis ;).

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, feel free to ask questions in the comments below!


Annalisa (Instagram: @annaleessa_collinss)

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