Why I went to Community College

Hello Everyone,

So next Monday I will be starting my first semester at San Diego State (SDSU) as  a transfer.  This was actually quite a journey.  If you do not know, you are not able to transfer into a CSU school unless you have completed 60 credits as well as your undergrad requirements.  This means that no matter how good your grades are as a freshman you cannot transfer until you’ve completed your undergrad GE, and the prerequisites for your desired major.

I started my college career at Cal Poly SLO as  a sociology major.  I was so excited to get away from home and start my new life.  However I started taking my classes and I found that I was not in love with my major.  Another side note: Changing your major at Cal Poly especially between colleges is near impossible and would take extra time.  So I decided I wanted to change my major.

I spoke to my mom about this and how I felt and she suggested that instead of spending all of my money on rent and another year of tuition at Cal Poly that I come home, and go to a community college so I could then prepare myself to go to SDSU.  So I ended up coming home and I started summer classes in May.

The reason I took summer classes was because not only did I have to get the 60 credits but I had to completely start over and begin taking the business major prerequisite classes.

Honestly after going to community college for a year  I realized that it’s not that different from the university that I had attended.  The class sizes were smaller and the social scene was not as active, but I got my classes done and the work was pretty rigorous.

Overall I think that if you don’t have the money to go to a University or if you’re unsure of what you want, going to a community college is a really good option.

I hope this gave you guys some insight on community college and kind of what the transfer process is like.  I might do a more in detail post about the transfer process later.



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