Hello Friends,

Since it is the last day of the month I thought it would only be appropriate to title today’s post August.  This month has been very jam packed as it closed summer, began the school year and many other things.

I look back to the beginning of this month, and I had no idea that I would start a blog, my friends were still in town, I had just been finishing summer classes and I was working at my family’s jewelry store as many hours as I could.  I feel like I always had somewhere to be, friends to hang out with or errands to run.

Mid August came and my boyfriend Chris and I went to Universal Studios, he then turned 21, I got my wisdom teeth removed, and then Chris left to go back to school.   These events went by pretty quickly but this part of the summer was probably the most eventful.  From going to Harry Potter Land, to being a designated driver, and then being basically useless (because I had a very difficult wisdom teeth experience), I really did enjoy this part of the month.

Then comes the end of the month.  I began to prepare myself for classes, I tried to work as much as I could at the jewelry store since I knew my classes would interfere soon, started classes and yesterday I actually got a new job as a sales associate at Sun Diego.  This is exciting for me because with this new job, I am actually able to work a ton more.  Since Sun Diego is open until 9, instead of 6 (which is when the jewelry store closes) I am able to work after classes which is super nice.

This week at SDSU so far has been actually super fun.  Aside from dreading my 8 am I can already tell that this will be one of my favorite classes and one of my favorite professors.  I also took some time to go to the Rec Center, which is very nice and not to crowded as of this week, but we shall see.

But yeah, that’s pretty much how this past month went and I am very happy to see what September brings me. This post was pretty much just a look into my life, and what I have been doing, let me know if you enjoyed this or if you have any post requests!



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