What I wish I knew in High School

Hello Everyone!

High School, it wasn’t that long ago but I can definitely say that I look back and think to myself “if only I knew what I know now”.  Cliche as that is I definitely think everyone can do the same.  I have definitely changed a lot since high school, and I see the world in such a different way. So here are 3 things I wish I knew in High School:

  1. Your extracurricular is not your whole world.  At the time I was really into Drama and Volleyball.  These two things pretty much defined me.  I am only 5’5″ and when junior year came, and it was time to make the varsity team, my height was just not what they were looking for.  I was devastated, I thought this was the end, that my life was over.  Honestly, I look back and wish that instead of using my time to grieve over my “volleyball career”, that I used my time to hang out with my friends, with my new free time.  I also transferred schools my second semester of Junior year, that’s a whole other post in itself.  However, when I did transfer I went from getting a lead in the school play, to being in the chorus.  The drama teacher at my new school clearly had her favorites and I was not one of them.  When I didn’t get a role in the school musical I was crushed.  I thought that once again my identity was gone.  But what I didn’t realize that while I wasn’t in the school musical or at volleyball practice, I was able to work more hours and I was also able to get my grades up and become involved more in my church Youth Group.  So the moral from these two short stories is that you may put your energy and time into one thing, when really you’re supposed to be doing something else.  Youth Ministry became a huge passion of mine, and I found that I really helped a lot of people which wouldn’t have been possible if I had made the varsity team, or gotten the lead in the play.
  2. It is better to me nice, than to be popular.  This one seems so obvious, like of course being nice should be the priority.  But honestly, no it wasn’t.  I wish I could take back so many malicious things I had said about other people, to their face but mostly behind their back.  Why did I do this? Honestly just to have something to talk about, to get people interested and to make people want to talk to me.  I figured that if I had interesting things to say, whether they were kind or not, people will like me.  But I look back now, and I realized that I am not even friends with the people I tried so hard to impress.  Honestly I am closer with the people that I may have not been so nice to.  I found that in life in general that if you always just strive to be nice, it will get you so far.  You don’t have to love everyone, or kiss up to people, just simply being nice and polite is what will lead you to friendship as well as success.
  3. The last is live life with no regrets, or in other words YOLO.  There are so many things I wish I had done in high school, like go to the dance, ask out the guy, talk to that fun looking group of girls.  It was not until my last year, when I actually started living with confidence.  If I had not had this mind set, I would have never found my boyfriend, who I asked to my senior prom.  Once again, a whole other story in itself.  But with that attitude applied to my life after high school, I got a job, I joined a sorority, I changed my major and transferred schools and now I feel that I am really where I am supposed to be in life.  It is always better to have learned and lived, then to always be asking yourself what if.

So, those are just three things I wish I knew in high school.  I know there are soooo many other things that definitely would have been helpful but then this blog post would be even longer than it already is.  Feel free to comment with what YOU wish you knew in high school, or even in college.



P.S. Please enjoy these semi embarrassing photos from high school in no particular order.

Godspell my Junior Year
Freshman Year Rally Day
Senior Prom 🙂


Volleyball – Sophomore year
Typical private School Birthday (Junior Year)
Sophomore Year Rally Day


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