December 2016

Hey Guys,

So being the last month of 2016 I have a few thoughts and I guess you could say ideas I would like to share with you all.

The first is to be grateful.  Originally I looked back upon this year and only saw the negative.  I literally said to myself “this went wrong, I lost this friend, this happened to that loved one” and I said 2016 sucked, nothing good happened.  In reality that is not the case at all.  I needed a reality check…  I needed to be grateful.  So I took another look and this time I searched for the positive.  Here are just 5 out of many things that I can be grateful for in 2016:

  1. I got accepted into San Diego State
  2. I got a new job at Sun Diego
  3. I became a more confident individual
  4. I got to watch my two nieces grow
  5. I’ve gotten to work with some amazing companies through Instagram

I know that some of these may not seem like huge feats to you but these are some things that I feel have really improved my life, and who I am as a person.  And this all happened within this past year.  I encourage everyone to take a look at their life and make a list even of just 5 things that you feel really changed your life for the better this past year.

The second is to keep working.  It is so easy, especially in December to say you will do something later.  Now is the time to keep pushing yourself in all aspects of your life.  I am definitely guilty of slacking off towards the end of the year because I tell myself I’ll pick it back up as a New Year’s resolution.  Keep going to the gym, keep improving your grades, keep pushing and working at yourself.  December is the FINAL month to change your life in 2016.  Do something you can be proud of.  Make the Dean’s List, lose the extra weight, push to find new opportunities.  Here are three things I will push at in this month of December and I encourage you to comment your list:

  1. To really push in my classes and set myself up to do better next semester
  2. To go to the gym a minimum of three times a week
  3. To keep my room (and my life) organized 🙂

The third and final thing is to tell others how grateful you are for them and how much they mean to you.  This past year I have experienced a loss, and I have grown apart from friends and I must say I regret not expressing my appreciation more.  It’s never too late to tell someone that you love them, or that you are thankful for all that they’ve done.  To live with regret is very painful.  Obviously this is not something that you should only do in December but as the year comes to an end look back and think “Is there anyone in my life that I really appreciate, is there anyone who has really helped me get through this year?”.  If so it’s as simple as sending them a text that says “hey thanks for helping me get through this year”.  It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture to let them know you are appreciative and that you love them.

Alright friends, I know this was kind of a long post, but hey I didn’t blog for like a month so i have to make up for lost words haha.  Thanks for reading and I truly encourage all of you to push through this last 31 days of 2016.



(PS please comment any ideas or questions you have for me, I want to write what you guys want to read)

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  1. If anyone is reading this reply, I just wanted to say that on December 13, 1996, I was called and told to get packed up to go get my baby, Annalisa, in China. On Christmas day, I left San Diego, and on December 28th, I got to hold 9 month old Annalisa for the first time in Zhejiang, China. Her adorable little face had a smile and a dimple that charmed so many people she met!!! 20 years ago, it marked the end of a year that would change our lives forever. We will always be grateful for God’s gift of Annalisa!


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