I Forgot I had a Blog

So its two weeks til finals here at SDSU and between my new job at Sun Diego, procrastinating and then scrambling to do my homework I realized today that I had neglected this blog.  Honestly, I don’t even know if it’s because I was too busy but more of the fact that I really haven’t been too inspired.  But here I am in the Lib, typing away.

Hopefully in the near future this will be flowing with content with things such as product reviews, how-to’s and even just thoughts I would like to share.  I don’t know who reads this, and I am almost positive no one reads this.  But really that isn’t the point.

Obviously I would love to become the next big thing, and have thousands of people interested in what I have to say, and what I might be wearing, but really it’s about the creativity.  Whether it’s expressed through words, a song, a poem, or an outfit creativity is the base of it.

Maybe one day this blog will have more structure but for now it’s “Saltee but Sweet”.  Taking the good with the bad, just the way life is supposed to be.

Feature photo by: Tristan Sizik 

Bracelets: Lotus and Luna

Bag: T-Shirt and Jeans

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