Year of Self


Hello Everyone!

Happy 2017.  I am so excited for this year and the opportunities that will come with it.  I have so many hopes and so much motivation to achieve my dreams.  I just want to say before I get deeper into this post that by no means am I promoting being selfish and conceited, but instead to see that you have potential and to see the value that you have.

For this blog post my thoughts are really everywhere.  Part of me wants to dig deep into how we all need to love our selves and care for our selves and then I end up straying and thinking about goals and how we need to set them and achieve them for ourselves.  The main idea behind all of this is to work hard on yourself by any means.

There are so many aspects of my life that I feel I can care for myself more.  My physical self, my mental health and especially my career and goals… all of these are things I would like to focus on.

I also think that it’s important to not doubt yourself, and to know that as long as you’re working hard and putting your all into achieving your goals, you are enough.  Don’t worry about what others have to say about what you want to achieve or the rate you’re achieving.  For example, this past year I have dipped my toe into the world and possibility of becoming a social media influencer.  The reason I haven’t fully dove in is because I’m worried.   I doubt myself.  What if people don’t like me, what are my friends and family going to say about this?  Will they think it’s stupid, unrealistic?  These are all thoughts I’m sure all of us have had about new ideas we have wanted to pursue.

In reality it really doesn’t matter what all of those other people think.  In the end your hard work, and your personal accomplishments are enough.

I think that is what this new year will be all about.  Just knowing that I am enough.  My ambition and motivation are enough for me to succeed.  I hope everyone knows that this applies to everyone.  Anyone can be successful at their calling in life.

I really hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope to be a more regular blogger with more direction as to where this blog will go.  Until next time guys!



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