Collaboration with Beach Road Designs

Hello Everyone!

Recently I got the privilege to collaborate with Beach Road Designs to create content for them!  They are a beach sheet company from Massachusetts run by a brother and sister in law!  I love supporting small businesses and their sheets come is some awesome patterns in vibrant colors!  Kathryn, one of the owners, was such a joy to work with.  It was so fun taking photos of the sheets and making a guest appearance taking over their Instagram story.

Product Review:

The beach sheets are 6ft x 6ft and made of 100% heavy cotton.  My first reaction was “wow these are heavy weight, definitely won’t be blowing away in the wind”.  My second thought was that they would be perfect to bring for you to sit on with a bunch of friends.  So I took the sheets to the beach and they were perfect! The sand slips right off, the fabric is comfortable and sturdy and my whole body fit perfectly on the sheet.  My favorite part is definitely the size and designs of the sheet.



10/10 Would recommend! They are an awesome company and not only have I used the sheets at the beach but also in my room as a throw blanket and tapestry.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment with feedback and more blog ideas.



Instagram: @beachroaddesigns

Photographer: Aysia Norris 

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