Hemlock Hats

Hello Lovely People,

Today’s topic is Hemlock Hat Co.  I had discovered the brand last year at a photo shoot I had done with Midori Bikinis.  When I saw these unique straw hats, I was hooked.  They have a nice tropical vibe and like many of the companies I work with, they’re based out of San Diego.  Hemlock hats are “straw sun hats with unique inner cloth designs”.  I think it’s so awesome that they made the typical lifeguard straw hat something that can be a fashion statement!  I also like that they have patterns for both men and women so whether you’re shopping for yourself a girlfriend, boyfriend, dad, there’s a hat that would be perfect for them.  They come in so many cute patterns and colors and I just think it’s nice to have a little something extra to wear on your tropical adventures in the sun.

I had been following them since the Midori shoot and finally this past December I decided to reach out and see if they wanted to collaborate.  I was so excited when they replied and since they’re based in San Diego I was able to meet the owner, Anthony, and pick out sample hats from their warehouse that I would like to shoot.  Part of what made working with them so easy is that they are a local San Diego company, but they also gave me a lot of creative freedom.  Beach shots, flat lays, lifestyle they were open to it all.

I SERIOUSLY recommend checking them out.



Here are some photos of these awesome hats:

(note: I do not own all of these photos, some are taken from the Hemlock Hat Instagram)

Photographers: @shaylapenera & @ray.adamf


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