Spring Break Essentials

Hello Friends!!

I am so excited to share with you my spring break essentials.  Honestly this could also be like a beach bag/travel essentials but since spring break is upon us I figured this would be more relevant.  So yeah let’s get into it.IMG_8077

The first is sunglasses.  Definitely hate spending the day squinting at the sun and if you’re like me, most of your spring break will be spent out doors.  Right now my favorites have been these Quay sunglasses thatI stole from my sister. I just feel so cool and trendy when I wear them but they still go with everything.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.58.17 PMThe next thing is tanning Oil.  For me I have always been able to tan, and have never had a problem with burning so when I am basking in the sun I do like to lather up.  I just got this product and I am sooo happy I did.  My tanning oil of choice is Bali Body, specifically the watermelon tanning oil. It smells so nice, I used it a couple times and I am already feeling bronzed and the packaging is so cute.
Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

The next essential is a good beach bag! I usually have so much in my bag from snacks, to other spring break essentials so this is obviously a necessity.. unless you want to carry all of your ish in your hands… lol.  SO my current favorite is this “mermaid loot” bag by  Salty Kai.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetThe next spring break essential is a good bikini.  I mean personally, I will be bringing many many many but it is ESSENTIAL that you have at least one  go to.  This bikini should be one that you know you feel confident, and comfortable in!Also I suggest getting a reversible one so you can double the use.  Here is my current favorite swim suit by Na Wahine Lole. I love how on one side it’s a vibrant print (by The Tropical Artist) and on the other it’s an LBB (little black bikini).

Other items I suggest bringing but don’t have a personal favorite:

  1. A portable phone charger
  2. snacks (I know i mentioned this but snacks are V important)
  3. water (always hydrate)

Alright guys so that is all I have for you on spring break essentials!  I am not being paid to promote any of these brands, these are genuinely my favorites at the moment and items I don’t think I could survive my spring break with out!  I hope this helped you out and I will see you next time!



(note: the Bali Body product shot is from the Bali Body Instagram)


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