Inhale Positivity Exhale Negativity

Hello Lovely People!

I know I promised an April favorites post but today I am feeling compelled to write about dealing with negativity in your life.  Yesterday I went on a rant about how Instagram has been making it very difficult for influencers to grow.  Today I got a message about how I need to stop being narcissistic and grow up.  I don’t get a lot of negative DMs.  Most of them are questions on sizing or where I got a clothing item from.  This one in particular just made me so upset.  I then took to the instagram story to… you guessed it, rant about this experience.

While getting this off my chest felt amazing, and all of you were very helpful in making me feel a little bit better I am now thinking to myself, why did I even let this affect me?  I don’t know this person, this person doesn’t know my character, why did I let this person make me feel so negatively.

Now this isn’t a “how-to” post.  There’s not a right way to just stop feeling negative anymore or not letting things like this effect you.  But what I wish I would’ve done is just ignored the message all together.  I wish I would’ve not let it change the way I felt, delete and block and be done with it.  Instead I battled on, trying to prove myself to this boy I have never even met in my life.  This stranger is probably laughing to themselves while typing away on their iPhone and I let them shatter my piece of mind.  I can always say, next time I’ll do that, but we all know that’s not what’s going to happen.  We all know that i’ll read it, respond and get all hyped up all over again.

I guess the point is all we can do is try.  All we can do is remind ourselves that yes, there are going to be people that don’t like you and what you’re doing.  There are going to be people that try and push your buttons in all aspects of life.  So we just need to remember is inhale the positivity and exhale the negativity.



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