getting back in a groove

Hello People,

I have obviously been on a hiatus.  I haven’t been motivated, my life has no structure and I will admit this with out any shame.  I had a little bit of down time in between my finals and the start of summer classes and in that time I became a useless blob of nothingness.  I would lay in bed, eat and post an old photo on insta and call it a day.  I have had no drive.

Today I met up with a friend for coffee and we talked about how its just been kind of a slump.  How it’s hard to be motivated and want to take care of yourself.  So I went home and whipped out my planner and started from scratch.  If you’re like me and you need some help finding motivation here are some tips to help you get back in a groove:

  1. Make a list: I am a list person.  I am a visual person.  So when I have a planner and make a list of the things that I need to get done that week or even just for the day, I am much more productive.  Even if I don’t complete everything on the list, I can see what I got done and what I still need to do.
  2. Start your day early:  I have found that lately if I don’t have to be at work until 3 I won’t get out of bed until 2.  That is a whole day wasted.  When I wake up around 8 and I have somewhere to be it starts that momentum for the rest of my day.  Whether I have plans with a friend or plans to work out, just being up and out of bed that much earlier helps my productivity so much.
  3. Have a routine: I think this is the biggest problem that I have.  My life has had no rhyme or reason.  When you have a set routine, a set schedule it will give you  more structure and motivate you to get through your day.  For me I hope to start waking up at 8, going to work out, eating breakfast and then either going to work or school.  THat’s just a broad routine but I hope you get the picture.  Having a routine to follow just makes me feel a little less hectic and a little less stressed out.

So those are my three tips but I am always looking for more! Please feel free to comment with any other tips on how to get back into a groove.



ps feature image is by The Tropical Artist 

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