Hello Birdie

Hi loves!

I was walking down the streets of North Park on Monday and I came across Hello Birdie Nail and Lash Lab.  My first though: what a cute place!  I went inside and asked if they had any seats available for walk in and unfortunately they did not so I instead scheduled an appointment for today.

So today I showed up at my appointment at the super aesthetically pleasing nail salon and I was very pleased.  I had Maria as my manicurist and  Niyah as my pedicurist and they were so sweet.  I went with more of a simply look today, matte black nails and plain white for my pedi.  I was drawn in by the cute look of the place but was sooo happy with their service.  I was especially blown away by how nicely the matte finish turned out.

I was soo pleased with their work and I was only there for an hour.  I have never been to a boutique style nail salon before and it was definitely worth it.  Yes, the prices are not as cheap as others but the quality of the environment and the work was amazing.  I would definitely recommend going here if you are in need of any nail services.



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