Two Lattes are Better than One: How I met my Bestie through Instagram

Hello Lovely People of the Internet,

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This blog is all about my bestie, photographer, fellow blogger,  Melly (popularly known as @_gypseaa)!  This past week we met up for our weekly coffee/content creating date and the photos we got were amazing!  It was so nice to be so inspired.  We literally found our location on the side of the road.  It’s always nice to meet up with Melly because we can talk about life and whatever projects we have going on with our Instagrams.

So here’s how we met:Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I remember one night I was live streaming and she commented that she thought we’d be good friends.  I was like “girl I’m so down”.  So, we did!  We met up later that month at Better Buzz in Encinitas, got iced coffees and became fast friends.  It literally took a nice comment on my photo and an Instagram live video to bring us together.  We’ve met up almost every week since then and when we don’t my week feels in complete.  It is so amazing to me that I met someone in my life that holds such an important place in my heart through an app.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetI think what makes our friendship work is that we both want to see each other succeed.  We help one and other out with products we have to shoot, blog post ideas and even how to deal with some not so pleasant business situations.  I know that Melly will always have my back and want the best from me and I want nothing but the best for her.  We push each other to work hard and to be more creative.  I have never had a friendship like ours and I think we mesh so well because we met through Instagram.

When you’re on Instagram and you’re going through someone’s page you really do get a feel for their personality.  You see it in their captions, they types of photos they post and their live streams.  It has become soooo easy to find people that you have so much in common with.  I don’t think I’d ever meet someone else who cares as much about filler photos as I do in real life.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetWhether it’s a coffee date, or a day of creating content I always look forward to the days I get to see my bestie.  It’s so nice to have someone that understands the blogger side of my life as well as the crazy young adult woman side.  I know I have a best friend, biggest fan, and future bridesmaid and it all started with a latte.




(ps all photos are taken by myself or Melly.  All are edited by me)

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  1. I literally pray for this to happen for me, you two are so precious and so cute. Having a blogger bestie would rock, keep doing you pretty ladies!! I love your work. Xo

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