Holy SH*T it’s my last semester of school EVER

Hello Lovely People!

I know lately a lot of my posts have been review based so I kind of wanted to take it back to just me talking to you guys.  I know I am not the most active blogger, but when I do take the time out of my day to blog it’s because I really want to.  Today I realized that after this semester at SDSU I will be done with school forever.  A few thoughts come to mind:

  1. Thank you God, my life will be so much less stressful
  2. Someone help me I’m not ready to adult yet
  3. I have no clue what I’m going to do with my life

I think this is kind of where all my fellow class mates and I are at right now.  I have my last first day of school this coming Monday, August 28th and I am less than enthusiastic.  At this point academically I am barely scraping by.  C’s get degrees am I right? But in all reality I have been riding the struggle bus for a little while now.

No one really knows this but I have been taking a full load of classes every summer since I started going to college up until this past summer.  So I never really get a break in between semesters.  In fact I would do a full load for both sessions during the summer.  The only reason I didn’t do a full load this year was because I was taking upper division marketing courses and I knew that it’d be way to difficult.  So I took one class the first session and one class the second session.  With this said I am sooo burnt out and soo ready for this to be over.  I don’t regret taking all of those courses over summer because it has allowed me to only be in college for three and half years instead of four.  So I am super stoked about finishing early at a school where it usually takes 5 years to graduate.

But this post isn’t to brag or to complain about my classes but to reflect.  I honestly can’t believe it’s almost over.  It seems like I was just in high school trying to pick a college and now I’m done.  I have no idea what i’ll be doing after this semester whether it’d be working at Sun Diego, focus on being a full time blogger or move on to a new company.  I see so many possibilities which is exciting but also very nerve racking.  What if I pick the wrong one?  What if I miss out?  Will I be ready?

I guess the way I see it is if I pick something but I don’t enjoy it there will always be another opportunity around the corner.  If I try something and fail, there will always be another thing for me to try.  My plan for this next semester is to work hard, connect with great people and to prepare myself to really start adulting and we’ll see where it takes me.

If you guys have any advice, or any questions I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



(ps the mug in the feature image is from Salty Kai)

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