Don’t Wait by The Phone

Hello Lovely People,

I have caught myself waiting.  Waiting for a call, waiting for a text, waiting for an email, waiting for likes.  Why?  Why am I waiting on other people.  Why am I stuck staring at my phone to see if someone will call me, or how many people will comment on my photo.  Why do I even care?  This has definitely been something that I have struggled with for years.

A lot of the time I’ll catch myself waiting and staying up for someone to text me or call me.  Whether it be a friend, whether it be Chris I am just stuck waiting.  I often find myself feeling lonely, and insecure while I wait.  I don’t have anything specific to say to these people, we didn’t schedule a call, but still I wait and wait and wait.

If I post a picture on Instagram I find myself refreshing over and over again.  How many likes can I get within the first 5 minutes.  I’ll go look at my snapchat to see if anyone knew has sent me something, I’ll look on twitter and continue to wait.  I will check my emails and texts and Instagram a million times just wasting my time.

This absolutely destroys my confidence, it makes me doubt my self worth and the relationships I have with people.  Is there something wrong with me? Did my photo have something wrong with it?  Am I being left out?

The reality is, is that there’s so much more I could be doing instead of waiting by the phone.  It is not my fault that people can’t call me, it is not my problem if someone is busy, I shouldn’t care about the timeliness or level of responses on an Instagram post.  It is what it is.  I cannot control how other people interact with me over a stupid phone.

I could be working out and making myself healthier, I could be thinking of new ways to create content, I could be working on my school work and making myself smarter.  There are soooo many things and yet here I am waiting for a stupid text message.

I am not only writing this in hopes that some of you read this and relate to it but I am also writing it to wake myself up.  This problem is still so real for me.  I will spend hours on my phone just waiting and distracting myself and this is not how anyone should be living their life.  SO DON’T WAIT BY THE PHONE.  Go and make yourself better.  You don’t need the make believe people, you don’t need to feel lonely and insecure, you have yourself and your beautiful mind so go out and do amazing things for yourself.

If you have any suggestions on how to stop waiting by your phone please please share them in the comments below!




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