January’s Theme: Go with what you know

Hello Saltee People!

It’s 2018 and while using my Content Planner to plan out my social medias and goals for January there is a little area that asks me to write down a focus for the month.  I decided that every month once I choose a focus I will write a blog post about it to share it with all of you.

This month I am focusing on “Go with what you know”.  Let’s elaborate: I found my niche, I have branded myself and I like where I’m going.  But I have found myself striving for inspiration outside of my expertise.  I want to go back to the basics and figure out what I’m an expert on and what I’m good at so I can use my knowledge to hopefully help all of you.

What am I good at? What do I know? 

I know bikinis… a little too well.  I know what I like and what companies have good quality.  I know what people look for in bikinis.

I know how to run an instagram.  I know how to make your page tell a story and I know how to make all of your different social medias cohesive and consistent.

I know how to style outfits.  I have always been obsessed with fashion.  I hope to start doing more outfit posts and work with more clothing companies.

I know trendy coffee places in San Diego,

I know what it’s like to be  a woman.  I know what it’s like to deal with self confidence issues, what it’s like to work hard and what it’s like to be underestimated.

So now what?

I think it’s important for you to be aware of your strengths and passions and to use these to not only better yourself but to better others.  It doesn’t have to be super profound.  It could be as simple as inspiring someone’s outfit, helping them figure out which bikini to buy or helping them learn how to create an Instagram they’re proud of.

So personally, I hope to use these strengths and focus on them when creating content.  I hope to be inspired by these passions and to talk about things that I truly love.

For all of you?  I encourage you to all think about things that you’re good at, and things that you want for yourself.  Think about how you can use your strengths and abilities to your best advantage.  Whether it be a DM, comment or even an email, I want to know your strengths that you’ve discovered in yourself and how you plan to use these to kill 2018!

Stay sweet,



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