Working with influencers… as an influencer

Hi Saltee People!

This week you get TWO blog posts… but not because i’m feeling inspired… mostly because last week was so busy that you go zero :(. BUT this one I think will be a super interesting read.

As some of you may know I am a social media marketing intern at Pura Vida.  A huuuuge part of my internship is to source, contact and maintain relationships with influencers we collab with.  Through out this process I have discovered many things that you may not think about as the influencer that can make or break a collaboration for the company.  Since most of you guys that read this are influencers or are trying to work with companies I thought I would share some things that I look for in potential collaborations and things that I expect once the collaboration in underway.

This first is to always keep your email in your bio.  I know there’s an “email” button that instagram now offers but a lot of the time i’m sourcing on the website and that button doesn’t appear there.  Although I’ll still take the time to go onto the app on my phone, press the button, copy the email into my email on my computer it’s kind of a small annoyance and sometimes I’ll type on the email wrong which could’ve been avoided if I was able to just copy and paste.   Personally I have both the email button and email in my bio just in case.

Respond to emails promptly.  This just shows professionalism and efficiency.  If you take longer then 2 weeks to respond to my email how long will it take you to post a photo of the product we are trying to promote?  I’m not saying you have to check your email all day long but I think it’d be a good habit to check your email once a day and set aside a time once to reply to all inquiries whether they are yes’s or no’s.  As someone who manages collaborations I’m not offended when the answer is no I actually appreciate that they took the time to get back to me.  And if the answer is yes I would love to get the collaboration underway as soon as possible so the quicker the answer the better.

Read emails thoroughly! There is nothing worse then when you send someone an email with specific directions or timelines and they reply asking a question you already answered.  Something I have found helpful as an influencer is to have a planner and write down deadlines and important information as I’m reading the initial email with the guidelines of the collaboration.  Also if they’re asking for information, make sure you’re answering all of the questions they asked in your reply.  Confusion and time can be saved just be reading carefully.

Communicate!  I cannot stress this enough! If you have an upcoming shoot or other collabs you need to work on first, communicate that to the person you’re collaborating with.  It’s sooo frustrating to have influencers take forever with no explanation as to why, or to have to repeatedly email them checking in on the status and not getting any reply.  If something comes up, let them know.  We totally understand that life happens.  Most of the time all that’s wanted is for you to be upfront and honest.  When influencers go MIA it literally makes me just want to keep emailing them until their mail box is full just so you know that I’m still keeping track of the collaboration.

Have a good profile picture!  Having a profile picture that reflects your page is key!  I scroll through profile after profile and most of the time the reason I pick a profile to look at is because their name and their profile picture makes them look like a blogger.  It sounds so simple but this kind of thing reaaally makes a difference and can drive more people and more companies to your page.

HAVE QUALITY PHOTOS.  This speaks for itself.  Companies want to know that you will be capable of providing them with clear, high resolution photos of their product.  You don’t have to mean you need a DSLR but it does mean that your photos aren’t blurry and that the lighting is good.  My rule of thumb for any product shot iphone or camera is that you should be able to zoom in and the photo is will clear.  It it looks super grainy or blurry it’s not the best quality.

The last tip is to have a variety of shots.  Showcase that you have the ability to take lifestyle shots as well as flatlays and detail shots. A variety of shots shows that you’re versatile.  It will add dimensions to your feed as a whole.  It’s a win win situation.

I have to say … sometimes influencers can be very difficult to work with so do yourself and all the companies a favor and be polite, professional and prompt.  We want to share your photos with our followers, and we want this to fun for everyone.  It really is a give and take.  Alright guys, those are all of my tips that i’ve learned while working on the other side.  I hope you found these helpful!

Stay Saltee,


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