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Hey Saltee People!

It is the month of LOVE! Every blog post for the month of February will be touching on a different aspect of love.  The first is love your planet.  I know, kind of cheesy but it’s so important that we treat our home (aka earth) with respect and this company that I am going to be talking about is soooo on top of this.


This post is going to be featuring Waiakea Water…and no… it’s not sponsored and they didn’t ask me to do this.  OKAY so into the blog post we go.



I first found out about Waiakea about a year ago.. and I was like omg that water is so aesthetically pleasing.  I followed them on insta and realized that there is much more to this water company then a super cute teal bottle.  They are sooo much more.  They are healthy, sustainable and ethical… like woah there I just wanted some water and cute pics.

Okay so let’s talk about it being healthy.  Obviously water is essential for a healthy lifestyle.  This water is filtered by volcanic rock which naturally enhances it with minerals and makes it electrolyte rich.  Alsoooo it is naturally alkaline pH…. this means it has a higher pH level than regular drinking water.  This higher pH helps neutralize the acid in

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your body which is believed to improve energy and metabolism.  Alkaline water also contains antioxidant properties which helps with anti-aging and anti-disease.  So if you ask me… that’s prettyyy great.

The way they make their super cute teal bottles is also pretty cool.  The bottles are 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate.  In english this is post-consumer recycled plastic.   These bottles use 85% less energy to manufacture, 90% less water and reduce carbon emissions over 90%.  Waiakea is also working towards making a fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable option for their bottle.

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They also give back.  For every bottle sold they donate 1 week of clean water is donated

to those in need through their partnership with Pumpaid.  They also have just introduced a clothing line that’s pretty cool.  For each apparel item purchased 5 trees are planted in Haiti, Madagascar, Ethiopia or Nepal in efforts to aid the restoration of healthy forests.

So yeah, I think that this company is pretty cool and I really wanted to share this with all of you!  I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I have tons of ideas for you coming up this month!

Stay Saltee,


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