Spread the love: Galentine’s Day

Hey Saltee People!

Happy blog number two of February!  The next part of the spread the love series is to focus on loving your friends.  Tonight I will be going to a Galentine’s day party thrown by Modern Love Group with my gals and I could not be more excited.  This party along with gift shopping for Melly’s 21st birthday inspired me to do a Galentine’s day gift guide.

All of the gifts in this guide are from a cute little shop in San Diego called Pigment but these are items you could find online, on etsy and any small cute boutique in your home town.

The first gift idea is for: The Working Gal


This is perfect for that gal that needs a spa day.  This is the gal that is a workaholic, and is always on the go.  Let her know that you see she’s hustling and that you think the deserves a little relaxation time. In this little gift duo I included a cute little face mask and a pink cactus cup.   Other things you could include could be a bath bomb, a candle, and maybe her favorite wine to fill her glass with!

Processed with VSCO with c5 preset

The next gift idea is for: The Goodtime Gal

Perfect for the girl that you can always call for a night out.  The one you have crazy memories (or not so much remembering) with.  The girl that everyone knows from your crazy snapchats.  This gift duo include champagne gummy bears from Sugarfina and this cute tiki shot glass!    You could also include some mini bottles of booze or a cocktail recipe book!


The next gift idea is for: The Saltee but Sweet Gal (lol see what I did there)

Perfect for the girl that has a major sweet tooth.  This is the girl that you giggle with constantly and the girl that smiles farrr to often.  This is a gift trio.  I have included some Fairy Floss (aka cotton candy with glitter in it), sugar lips and the champagne gummy bears from Sugarfina.  It could also be cute if you filled a mason jar with her favorite sweets and included maybe some sweet smelling perfume.

Those are all of my gift ideas for your Gals!  I had so much fun picking out everything for this blog post and it is so important to celebrate the ones that are always there for you.  The ones who see you when you’re stuffing your face with hot cheetos, while simultaniously crying at a video of a cute puppy on youtube.  These are the girls that see the best and the worst! I love all of my gals and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay Saltee,


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