Spread the love: Couples Q+A

Hey Saltee People!

Here is the third blog post in the “Spread the Love” series.  Since I am posting this on Valentine’s day I thought it would be fun to let you guys get to know my Valentine a little better.  I asked you guys to dm me questions a few weeks ago and this is the result.  I am sooo grateful to Chris for taking the time to answer these questions. The answers are color coded so this is Chris and this is Me.  Let’s get into it!

What are your favorite qualities about each other?

  • Personality, beautiful, thoughtful, and her ability to make me smile when I am feeling down.
  • His smile, his sense of humor and how smart he is.

How do you keep the spark?

  • In good times its easy and comes natural, when we are having rough patches it just takes a constant effort to make each other smile, and remind one another of the spark that is still there under the emotions.
  • It’s definitely just doing little things for each other when we least expect it.  I feel like it’s easy to just stay in and watch tv together, so sometimes we try to have a fun date night when we do something new.

Best date ideas?

  • Margaritas, brewery touring/ tasting, anything with shrimp (preferably fried or some sort of garlic flavor/seasoning), Disneyland, Netflix, movies,
  • Chris’s answer is literally on point ahah.  Emphasis on margaritas, Disneyland and Netflix.  I will also add in ramen because i’m obsessed. 

What is the most challenging part of your relationship?

  • Being empathetic to one another’s opinion on certain issues and just understanding that you can still disagree on issues and love one another for their opinion.
  • Obviously the distance is tough, but sometimes we’re both stubborn and we both think we’re right it’s just important for us to understand the other person’s view and opinion and also to see past the disagreement.

What are some tips you have for long distance relationships?

  • Make her feel loved every day even though you cannot be with each other
  • Try to do random acts of love to keep her on her toes
  • Sporadic calls to tell her you thinking of her or love her
  • Don’t get jealous that one is going out and the other is not, just be prepared to deal with a drunk Issa later
  • Let one another grow, have fun, and make memories on their own, otherwise you got nothing to talk about when they get back
  • Don’t be afraid to grow, express your feelings, or try new things, it can be hard to find the spark in long distance
  • Schedule trips to visit each other.  It’s always easier when I have a trip scheduled to go visit Chris because then I have something to look forward to even if its over a month away.  
  • Communication is KEY.  We try to talk every night and every morning even if it’s just a quick text to let each other know we’re alive and well. 

How do you guys challenge each other to be the best you can be through a long distance relationship?

  • Honesty!
  • Don’t bullshit one another
  • Saying hard things to say in a fun or very nice way.
  • Realizing that what you think might be best for them might not be, or might not be what they wanted
  • I think Chris said it perfectly.  Pretty much if the other one seems like they aren’t doing very well or like they’re not being their best self… let them know.  Have a way that you can help them get to where they need to be.

How/where did you guys meet?

  • I snuck out of my house after returning home from a college visit. I went to her house after she threw a party and helped clean up. She drove me home and had the most awkward kiss of our lives. Rest is history…
  • Okay so I’m going to say the long version.  I had a crush on Chris for… God knows how long.  I would always see him at church on Sundays and I just thought he was like the cutest guy.  Then fast forward to my senior year in high school and I got his number from one of my friends and I texted him out of the blue because I had a master plan to ask him to prom.  BUT you see it didn’t go that smoothly.  I ended up getting asked to my prom by one of my guy friends (even though he knew I was going to ask Chris).  I said yes because I was so surprised and I was texting Chris about it and told Chris I was planning to ask him…. THEN he was like Oh i totally would’ve gone with you.  I had to tell my friend I wanted to go with Chris.  So then it was all set in stone and I wanted to hang out with Chris in person haha (yes this was all through text so far).  SO I threw a party so He could come over and he didn’t get there til the very end but it was still so worth it.  I then drove him home and honestly I don’t think the kiss was like thaaaat awkward.  We went to prom and lived happily ever after.  (and yes for those of you wondering I was caught and got grounded for what seemed like an eternity for throwing that party)

Favorite things to do together?

  • From everything to nothing!
  • Bars, restaurants, and new places
  • I love just hanging out.  It’s awesome to have someone that you can literally do nothing with but still have a super fun time.  
  • I also love trying new breakfast spots and trying new things together 🙂

How does he deal with being with a strong independent woman who don’t need no man but prefers to have one still?

  • Deal with? That what I love about her
  • Hahah this question made me laugh so much.  Chris is also a strong independent man who don’t need a woman but still prefers to have one so I think that’s why it works out. 

The day chris told me he loved me

When did you guys first say you loved each other?

  • I took her to a beach and told her I loved her with water at our feet. She first told me when she was drunk and I told my mom I loved her to which she screamed, “I LOVE YOU TOO!”
  • OK… yes that is how I let the words fly out of my mouth.  BUT in my defense I had been ready to say it for suuuuch a long time before.  We would always talk about how strongly we felt for each other and I always say drunk people don’t lie.  I was just speaking my truth.  
  • And yes Chris took me to the beach randomly out of the blue and took us down to the water and told me he loved me.  He made the “official” I love you such a special moment and now I have a necklace with the coordinates of the exact spot. 

Does Chris ever give input on your outfits or styling of your shoots?

  • Sometimes if it is a little to “riskaaa” or “sluuty” but I always tell her she looks beautiful
  • When it comes to styling the shoots I mostly do that myself.  When we’re going out on the town he’ll let me know if something is a little to much and I totally appreciate that.  BUT I also dress him like 95% of the time we do anything so he should get some input on what I wear. 

Are you guys planning on going on a trip any time soon? if so where?

  • Ya, from Spokane to San Diego when I graduate. Snowboarding strip for this upcoming valentines day weekend. Maybe some more after.
  • I am currently writing this in Spokane which is super exciting and I hope that we get to travel a bunch this upcoming year.  The first plan we have is a road trip down the coast after Chris graduates and who knows what’s going to be next!

Alright guys! That was our couples Q+A thank you everyone for your questions and I hope you loved this blog post.

Stay Saltee,


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