Spread The Love: Treat YOSELF


So, we’ve talked about loving the world, loving your gals, loving your man/girl/person but NOW it’s time to talk about loving YOURSELF.  This is something that I think is sooo important.  It’s so easy to get caught up in everyone else, work, school and forget about you.  I just got back from my trip to Spokane, WA yesterday night and trust me I needed a day of pampering after all of the cold weather and traveling.  So, in this post I will share with you how I treat myself so you can treat yoself.


So one of the first things I do whenever I want to feel pampered is to do my nails.  In the past I would go and get a gel manicure from whatever place I could find on yelp BUT, I was just sent a dip powder manicure kit from Revel Nail and I AM OBSESSED.   I found out about this company from one of my friend’s Cara and it’s pretty cool.  It is so easy and it lasts such a long time.  I gave myself a manicure today and I feel all dolled up 🙂


The next thing I did today was used a hair mask.  Especially being in the winter weather my hair was super dry.  I love doing a hair mask.  The one I used today is by Hey Lacy all Over Hydration and I was gifted it while ago.  However, I think that this company went out of business but I do also use Oh Hello Hair.  I just started using hair masks like this year and it’s such a nice relaxing thing and it’s so good for your hair.

Once I was done applying/letting my hair mask soak I headed to the shower to do a scrub.  The one I used today was by Maile Organics and it was absolutely amazing.  I just hopped in to my shower and applied it to my legs and arms.  I rinsed off the scrub and the hair mask and showered myself off and post shower I used the plumeria body gloss and it was nice because I could use it before I was completely dry.  Perfect to help my skin recover from the Washington cold.


So that is how I pampered myself today!  It’s so important that you don’t forget to take time out for yourself.  I hope you enjoyed reading about how you can treat yoself!

Stay Saltee,




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