Bali Body: Why I love it

Happy March Saltee People!!!

I am so excited for this blog post because it is in collaboration with one of my favorite brands: BALI BODY.  So I bought myself the watermelon tanning oil last year and I LOVED it I then purchased the BB cream and I was hooked.  I will be giving you guys the when I use it and why I love it for those two products and also their coconut lip balm! So into the blog post we go!

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The first thing i’m going to talk about is the Watermelon Tanning Oil.  I purchased this last year myself and I STILL have the same bottle and let me tell you I put that stuff on everything.  The reason they chose watermelon is because Watermelon seed oil stimulates the production of melanin in the body, responsible for giving color to the skin, naturally. This oil is plant based and 100% vegan.  When I use it: I use it any time I’m going to shoot to give my skin that extra glow.  I also use it obviously when I’m tanning and sometimes I use it as lotion!  Why I love it: It really moisturizes my skin and leave it so soft and smooth while giving me a really nice, deep tan.  I also am obsessed with the smell. I would definitely have to say this is my favorite product I have tried so far.

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Next we will be talking about the BB Cream. I also purchased this myself in the shade tan.  Since I literally use it every single day I have gone through 2 bottles of this guy.  The awesome thing about this BB cream is that it has SPF 15.  It is so important to protect your face from the sun, I try to wear some time of sun protection on my face every day. The BB cream is enriched with green tea & ginseng for their rejuvenating properties and hyaluronic acid & marine collagen to help renew skin.  It is also paraben free and 100% vegan.  When I use it: literally every day.  Most days I use it in place of a foundation but I’m going for a more glam look I will use it as my primer!  Why I love it:  the SPF and it’ super light weight. I also truly notice a difference in my skin when I use it.  My skin tone is more even and I have less break outs… which is super awesome.

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The last product I will be reviewing is the coconut lip balm.  This is one of their newer products and they were kind enough to send me a tube so I could try it out!  So far so good.  We all know about the magical powers of the coconut so packing them into a lip product is actually amazing.  When I use it: all day everyday especially since the weather has been super dry.  It is also a must have when I’m traveling on an airplane and the air is all gross and dry.  Why I love it:  So far I have been using it for a few weeks and I love it again because of the SPF, I also love that it “tastes”/smells like coconut.  It also keeps my lips hydrated and I don’t have to reapply a bunch.

Products I still really want to try: The new pineapple tanning oil, the shimmering body oil and the moisturizing lotion.

Alright guys! That is my review of Bali Body.  Like always this is my honest opinion.  I don’t bring products on here that I wouldn’t use.

Stay Saltee,


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