Festival Tips and Tricks

Hey Saltee People!

I know it’s been a while, and I know that this post should’ve gone up two weeks ago but life happens.  As many of you know I was fortunate enough to go to Coachella Weekend One with Elle Jae and Gypset.  It was seriously an unforgettable experience.  It made me want to go to all of the music festivals.  It was actualy my first ever festival and I read all of the blogs, pinterest how to’s on how to make the most of the experience so I wanted to use my blog to share a few tips and tricks with you guys.

Glitter Vibes with Aysia

My friend Aysia and I were car camping and I really don’t go camping a lot so I was very nervous.  I didn’t really get a good photo of our set up but basically we had a canopy, then a tent with an air mattress and we kept most of our stuff in our car.  This was seriously the best.  The canopy kept the tent cool and shady during the day however we did lower it during the day so it didn’t blow away.  And keeping our belongings in our car kept everything organized and safe.  It’s so important to stake everything down HOWEVER they don’t allow in metal stakes so we bought plastic ones from Walmart.  We also had a cooler right out side of our tent with waters, gatorades and beer. We definitely over bought our food.  We bought: one case of gatorades, one case of water, two cases of beers, a bag of cuties, a container of apples, a box of fiber one bars, hotdogs and buns and a bag of dried mangoes and we definitely didn’t consumer even half of it.  The cuties went bad, the apples we shared and we had a full case of beer after the festival was over.  It helped that we were camping with a huge group of people and we all shared with each other. So keep this in mind if you ever decide to car camp at a festival.

Coachella Day 0 Has a PIZZA my Heart

Also I would 10/10 recommend Camping.  It was soooo fun and with the right crowd it’s life changing. You get to enjoy Day 0 (aka Thursday) and you get so much more of an experience.  You also don’t have to wait in the Uber lines later,  I saw them and it looked horrible.  You also get to go to silent disco so when the concerts end there is still something fun for you to do until 3 am. You can also bring your own beer/alcohol which was super handy.  I know it sounds crazy and you’re all thinking no, I want my AC and shower and curling iron but I am such a princess and I loooved car camping.

The next thing i bet you’re asking is how did we keep ourselvesVestal Village Pool Party clean? You want to know a secret? I didn’t shower once.  I know gross right.  Wednesday night before we left I showered, shaved everything and I curled my hair in super tight curls so they would last the whole weekend.   Through out the weekend I would frequently wipe myself down with a combination makeup wipes and wet wipes and dry shampoo was my savior. Honestly, I didn’t feel THAT gross, granted I did go to a pool party on Friday so my body found some relief in that.  But I would definitely suggest bringing wipes of all types.  (lol that rhymes).  Also doing your hair before you leave was a life saver.  My hair holds curls extremely well so I didn’t really have to do anything besides brush it the entire weekend.  One day I did half up half down with braids, the next I wore a hat and the last day I wore space buns and glitter.  Everyone was shocked that we had gotten ready in a car.


SPF is your BFF.  I was fortunate enough to receive a care package from Sun Bum before departing for the weekend and let me tell you I was everyone’s life saver.  What a lot of people forget is that you cannot bring aerosol into the festival with you.  It has to be lotion sun screen.  I used the SPF 30 lotion on my body and then they also gave me a tinted mineral sun screen for my face. (also SPF 30) I didn’t break out once and it smells amazing.  I also used their new lip tints through out the weekend which have SPF 15.  They smell amazing and gave me a good amount of color on my lips with out being too much.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetThe cell service sucks.  End of story.  There is really no tip that I can help you with except that in the beer gardens the Wifi is okay and then there is also an igloo sponsored by HP that has AC and Wifi.  So, don’t rely on your phone to find your group or meet up with people.  I would set a time and place for meet ups.  And when I say place I don’t mean “meet me at the Sahara tent” I mean “meet me at the dumpling place next to the lemonade stand across from the Sahara tent”.  You need to be specific.  There is a literal ocean of people so if you get separated it’s a literal miracle if you somehow find your friends again.

That’s pretty much all of my personal tips and tricks for you guys.  Here is my  Coachella pinterest board which is where I store the real information. I will be writing another blog post specifically focusing on my outfits for the weekend and I might write another festival related blog with some of my favorite moments.  Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested.

Stay Saltee,



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