Red White + Vintage Photo Diary

Hey Friends!

I know that this has taken a little while, but I am so excited to share the photos I got for my Red White + Vintage photo shoot.  I was so inspired to collaborate with so many different companies and use their products to make one super cute shoot! I styled + edited all of these photos myself but not without the help of my friends Melly + Krysten who helped me take these photos.

To start out I wanted to show you my inspo!  I used this inspo to show companies what type of content I wanted to create and also get them excited about the shoot!

Then I reached out and got responses from the companies!  I then started grouping together products and styling different looks in preparation for the day of the shoot.

The first look features Waiakea Water, Float Naked, Julz Junkie, Shady Veu + Billabong . I love how classic and fun this look was and how the red white and blue was a little more subtle:

The next few looks features Wave Babe along with Shady Veu + Woven Finds.  The first look I liked because it was a little bit out of my comfort zone and the second was fun to shoot on the steps and play around with angles and movement:

I also shot for Thread wallets which was super fun and I actually use one everyday to carry my cards and stuff.  I love how the colors pop and the editing really brought out the blues and reds in the products.

The bikini in those photos was perfect for the shoot and made it so easy to style accessories with it.  Skatie is one of my favorite brands and I’ve worked with her many times in the past so I was so happy to have her as apart of this shoot:

I used the same bikini to feature the original Jel Shots! This was a little challenging since the product is a little bit different of an aesthetic than the rest but I had so much fun brainstorming and shooting for them:

The last set of photos are featuring Hello Darling Swim! This is one of the very first companies I have every worked with.  I was so excited that she wanted to be apart of the shoot and I paired the bikini with a bag from Woven Finds and my favorite heart shades from Shady Veu:

and there you have it!  My Red White + Vintage shoot! It was such a success and I can’t wait to do another shoot like this.  A huge thank you to all of the companies who came together to make this possible and if you would like to work with me please reach out! Instagram dm or email ( are both great ways to get a hold of me.

Stay Saltee,


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