A Sunnies state of Mind

Hey Saltee People!

This blog post I am going to share with you a little style secret of mine and I have teamed up with Shady VEU to tell you that Sunnies give life to an otherwise boring outfit.  I live in t shirts and jeans, super basic outfits but my key to looking put together is a pair of statement sunnies.  Here’s the thing though, some of the trends out there are expensive, sunnies are definitely not the cheapest.  So I get mine for literally $10 a pair from Shady VEU.  They have the cutest styles and dupes to designer sunglasses without breaking the bank.  So below I have some of my favorite sunnies and how I styled them!

Meet Kourt:

I love the pink frames and the vintage look.  I take these with me to the beach and it made the perfect selfie accessory!

IMG_8812Meet Richie:

Another way I love using sunnies is to just have them hanging on my shirt!  It’s not super functional but it still ads a little splash of color to your outfit.


Meet Zara:

I love how pointy and sharp the edges of these sunnies are.  I think they are perfect for another vintage inspired look and they are so fun to wear with your hair up or down!


The last but not least,

meet Saint:

This is my favorite pair of sunnies from Shady VEU and I actually have them in three colors.  They are so fun, and I love that they are oversized.  They are the perfect accessory for flat lays, outfits and photo shoots!

So these are my favorite sunnies from Shady VEU + the ways I wear/style them.  I love being able to use them in photo shoots and my everyday life!  I hope you enjoyed this blog post and enter here to win a pair of Zara sunnies! The winner will be announced on July 28th!

Stay Saltee,


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