DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree

Hey Guys!

Long time no blog but I am back for the holidays!  I recently went to Pigment, a local San Diego shop,  and I was obsessed with all of the Christmas decor but I definitely wasn’t obsessed with the prices.  I was especially obsessed with some pom pom Christmas trees!  So instead of buying them I thought to myself “I can totally do this”.  SO my roommate Kenna and I headed to Joanns!  The result – a lot of pom poms and an adorable addition to our holiday decor!

What you’ll need:

Yarn – I picked four colors


A hot glue gun


A fork to make the pom poms


A foam cone for the base




Step one: Make the pom poms

There are two methods – the fork method and the finger method

For each of these you’ll wrap the yarn around either your fork or your fingers multiple times – and i mean like a lot, probably like 30-50 times depending on how thick you want your pom poms.

Next you’ll cut an other piece of your yarn and tie it around your wrapped yarn in a tight knot.


Then you will cut the sides and you have a pom pom!


Do this many MANY times and then you’ll be ready for step two!

Step two: Glue the pom poms to your tree!


I had the idea that I wanted my tree to be mostly white with specks of pink and sparkly white! It’s nice to have an idea of what you want BEFORE you start gluing so that way you don’t mess up!


And there you have it! Your own DIY Pom Pom Christmas tree! Congrats, you just saved like $40.

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY, please comment any other Holiday themed blogs you guys would like to see!


Stay Saltee,


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