Craft Night – Wine Bottle Reindeer

Hello Saltee People!

Christmas is in 10 days…omg I just shuttered.  I have so much to do and so many gifts to wrap.  However, there’s always time for crafts involving a wine bottle am I right?  I had such a fun girls night making these little guys!  Let’s get into it! DIY Wine Bottle Reindeer.

What you need:

  • wine bottles
  • antlers (we found these cute pine cone sticks at joanns)
  • googly eyes
  • pom pom for the nose
  • glass friendly acrylic paint ( we chose brown and gold)
  • Twine + bells
  • Any other decor for your reindeer – some of use used washi tape, some of us used twine + some of us used ribbon


Step One:

Clean off your wine bottle and start painting – we did two colors for our reindeer, the top half was brown and the bottom half gold.  Since I can’t paint a straight line for the life of me I used the paint to make an ombre affect.  We waited like 30 minutes to let them dry before decorating.

Step Two:

Put on the eyes and nose!

Step Three:

Put on the antlers- I definitely could’ve used super glue to keep them in place but I don’t think it was necessary.  I still have them loosely in there and I think when it’s time to package her away into storage It will be easier.


Step Four:

Give your reindeer a belt.  Personally I used holiday themed washi tape! I think it turned out super cute.  My friends also used ribbon and twine to make the belt.

Step Five:

Give your reindeer a bowtie.  This we all used twine for.  We wrapped the twine around the bottle a few times and we secured it with super glue.  Then we tied a bow and then tied bells onto the end. I tied an additional piece of twine around as well to have an extra bow and curled ends as well.

Step Six:

Reindeer fashion show!


I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY + if you’re under 21 you don’t have to use wine! You can use any glass bottle you like.  Martinelli’s is my second choice!

Stay Saltee,


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