Vuori – Built to Move Styled for Life

Hey Saltee People!

I hope you all are having an amazing week.  This week I wanted to showcase a brand that is truly close to my heart.  Vuori is an activewear and performance apparel brand based out of Encinitas.  I first learned about the brand through the surf shop I work at and from the very beginning this is a brand I truly believed in.  “Vuori aims to inspire others to take on all aspects of their lives with clarity, enthusiasm and purpose…while having a lot of fun along the way.”  I especially love this brand for a few reason.  The first is that they are a San Diego based small business.  The second is the quality of their products.  Vuori has amazing quality sweats, leggings and more that is both comfortable and durable in one.  The last is that I can wear my Vuori clothing when I work out and also when I am just walking around and hanging out with friends.  In this post I want to share with you how I style my favorite new pieces and where I wear them.

The first is the Omni Short with the Interval Sports Bra and the Halo Performance Hoodie.  I love this short because it is perfect for running and also hanging out. And for those wondering no, I did not surf on this board HOWEVER I did go surfing that morning (on a foamy) and then immediately after I changed into this outift!


The next outfit is the same Interval Sports Bra and the Paige High Rise Printed legging.  This is perfect for not only yoga but also just walking around on a nice day.  I am someone who LIVES in leggings and these are so cute! I am obsessed with the print and they have UV protection and four way stretch!


The last outfit is probably my favorite! Here we have the Performance Jogger with the Interval Sports Bra and the Halo Performance Hoodie.  This is the most comfortable jogger you will ever wear.  The fabric is so soft and they fit so well.  I have these joggers in the moss green, heather charcoal and black! I pretty much wear these whenever it is socially acceptable.


Overall this company is one of my favorites.  I always love finding local companies with great people and great products! They have a store front on the 101 in Encinitas and you can shop them here and stock their insta here!  I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I style my Vuori pieces and let me know your favorites in the comments!

Stay Saltee,


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