Glow All Year

Hello Saltee People!

Today we are talking SELF TANNER! Honestly I was never super into it until this past year.  I thought … I mean I’m already tan.  BUT just because you have an olive complexion doesn’t mean you don’t need a little help here and there.  I have used a few different brands do give myself that bronzed beach babe look but today I am talking about Bali Body’s mouse.

I have always loved Bali Body’s tanning oil’s and I actually have another blog post about just how much I love them.  Now that it’s September the sun won’t be around much longer which is why now I want to talk about their Self Tanner.  The Self Tanning Mousse has been my go to way to tan before any special occasion or photo shoot!  It is super easy to apply and it doesn’t peel or get patchy when it starts to fade. It also drys pretty quick so I’m not sitting in my bathroom for hours because let’s be real, I am not going to walk around my house with wet self tanner on.

Personally I will shower, exfoliate and shave before I apply the mousse using the Bali Body mitt.  I’ll start with my legs and work my way up my body finishing with my arms.  Being a newbie to self tanning I found that the application was very easy and Bali Body actually has a how to video on their site.  Wanting to get the deepest tan I’ll wait about 8 hours before I shower.  I also will use the Face Tan Water a few times a week so I am bronzed and glowing from head to toe! Here are some before and after shots for you guys!



When I know I have a shoot I will self tan the day before and I am ready to go!  I am so much more confident when I know I am bronzed. Here are the most recent photos I’ve taken while glowing with my Bali Body Tan.

I would definitely recommend this to all gals (or guys) who just want to glow a little extra year round!

Stay Saltee,


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