Surprise, I’m Pregnant

Hey Saltee People!

It has been QUITE some time.  Here we are at the beginning of another year and here I am with the resolution to really get back into blogging.  Because after all, there is only so much I can share on my IG stories before I drive everyone nuts!  SO by now everyone know, I am expecting my first in July.  I am overjoyed, Chris is so excited to become a dad and start a family but let me tell you that was not our initial reaction.  After ready Indy’s blog about her pregnancy it inspired me to share my story with you.


So let’s start from the beginning.  Chris and I have been dating for 5 and a half years, we had always talked about having kids and I was at the stage in the relationship where I send him not so subtle hints about wanting to be engaged.  I have always known I want kids, it was a known fact.  At my last job where I managed a multitude of teenagers they would all call me mom and joke about my baby fever.  With that said, I was NOT close to being ready to “try”.  I had always pictured myself a home owner, a wife and a provider.  But God has other plans.

To set the scene, Chris and I have been … with lack of better words… sexually active for 5 years.  All 5 years I have been on the pill and that has been our form of birth control.  It hadn’t failed literally for 5 YEARS! We had had one other pregnancy kind of scare when I switched brands of birth control early 2019 but other than that we had been good to go.  This time, I knew something was up.  A few days after my missed period my boobs started hurting.  And I don’t mean like “oh I’m on my period hurting”. I like couldn’t turn on my side while sleeping with out feeling like I had been sucker punched in the boob.  Then, the nausea.  That hit me like a ton of bricks.  I didn’t actually throw up (thank God) but the day before I took the test it started and I knew.

It was a Tuesday night, I was at dinner with Melly getting tacos and a margarita… classic.  I told her, I think I might be pregnant and she told me to take a test when I got home and I was so confident that it would come back negative.  So I drove home, took the test and what do you know it said “pregnant”.  My first reaction you ask? Cry.  What next? Call Chris, who didn’t pick up at first.  I mean how was he to know that I was going to take a pregnancy test and then call him with life altering news.  So I called my friend Kenna, no answer, I called Melly, no answers so I called my sister Briana.  She answered and immediately I said “I’m pregnant” and started crying and hyperventilating.  I don’t know what I expected her to say but what she said made me feel SO much better.  “Everything will be okay, this baby is a blessing, our family will support you, you will be okay.”  So then that was my mindset.  Everything was going to be okay.

Chris came over, I took another test, we freaked out together.  We cried, and hugged.  He left to go home, and I talked to Melly and Kenna on the phone about my new discovery and cried, laughed.  I would say my mindset turned around that night.  I wasn’t excited yet but I was feeling reassured.  The next day, I called out from work, Chris told his parents, and I picked him up and we went to tell mine.  So, sitting there, in my parents kitchen I didn’t even get the words out before I started crying.  My mom goes “your pregnant!” and hugs me.  My dad said, don’t apologize this is a good thing.  So, I am definitely lucky that my parents reacted the way they did and have been so supportive.  Both them and Chris’s parents have been unbelievably supportive and for that I am so grateful.


So what next?  Well I’m sure you all know, later that week without me knowing Chris asked my parents if he could marry me, got an engagement ring, and proposed.  A lot of people may be thinking “You don’t need to get married because of the baby” or “shotgun wedding”. But honestly I think it was time.  Like I said earlier, I had been bugging Chris to propose for a long time and if we didn’t feel it was right, we wouldn’t be getting married. BUT we do!  I planned the wedding (I’ll go into that in a separate post) and we are going officially be husband and wife on the 19th.

I’m sure not all of you can relate to this specific story of events but I feel like sharing this is important.  We were NOT planning to have a baby or get married.  I still had some credit card debt I needed to pay off and we still wanted to get our first place together.  So many things we wanted to do before starting a family.  But now, I don’t even think about any of that.  I know this was meant to be and all I can do now is be excited and be happy.  Because, I mean I AM.  Just because something is life altering and unplanned doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Can you be scared? Absolutely.  I am a freakazoid planner, I make lists, I plan out when I eat, I make social plans at least 1 week out, as my friends and family.  And here is something I didn’t plan that changes EVERYTHING.


I want to be open and honest about this pregnancy, my life and where we are headed next.  We moved into my future in-laws house because our next big step is to hopefully own a home.  Whether it be a condo or house or whatever.  So wish us luck, and until then we will be saving every dime and trying to hustle as hard as we can and I will for as long as I can.  I know this blog is kind of all over the place but that is how I want it/  I want it to be raw and personal.  I will tell you I feel like I’m going crazy between wedding planning and baby planning and adjusting to not living in my own space.  Sometimes it feels like A LOT.  But regardless, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am so incredibly lucky to have the support system I have and I can’t wait to share the rest of my journey with you.

Stay Sweet,


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