Wedding Details: What I Wore

Hi Saltee People,

Here is the beginning of MANY wedding related posts.  Originally I was going to link ALL of my wedding stuff in one post, but that would be a VERY long post.  So the first is going to be what I wore, what Chris wore along with how I handled bridal party attire and gifts.  Planning a wedding in two months wasn’t easy but I definitely think having a clear image, a clear budget and open mind helps a ton!

The first is my dress:

We ordered my dress from the Nordstrom website a long with a few others and this was the obvious winner in my head from the very beginning.  It retailed around $600 originally and we got it on sale for $300.  My mother in law had Nordstrom points so we were able to pay for the dress with those essentially making the dress cost $0 out of pocket.  The dress is by the designer Tadashi Shoji and you can find the link here. I absolutely loved my dress and despite being 16 weeks pregnant, I didn’t show.


My Veil:

Surprisingly enough, I got my veil from Amazon! It was under $20 and it made me feel like a princess. Quite a few things came from Amazon, and we only ordered items that were prime since we were on such a time crunch.


This was kind of last minute and I don’t know if we got any close up photos because I forgot the pieces at home and couldn’t put them on until right before the ceremony.  However, since my family owns and runs a jewelry store, Collins Family Jewelers, I did borrow a few pieces.  The earrings and a bangle by my all time favorite designer – Suzanne Kalan and the necklace is by Gabriel & Co.  I kept the jewelry fairly light and I thought the pieces added a little something to the look overall.

The pearl headband:

I got this headband from Shop Summer Buns! My friend Allysa own’s the adorable online accessory boutique and I was inspired by Stacey Keillah’s wedding look (not gonna lie, I totally stole her look once I saw our dresses were similar) and this headband was perfect!  This headband was limited edition for her winter collection however she may be restocking if there is enough demand!

My Shoes:

For my shoes I knew I didn’t want to get anything stiletto style and I knew I wanted comfort since I am pregnant.  I ended up going with these Jeffrey Campbell heels that I have in black and I knew I would wear these again. Super simple and they’re Velcro!


The hair extensions:

Yes I will admit that I had a little help with my hair. I am so used to my hair being super long on it’s own and to honest, I wouldn’t have cut my hair so short if I knew I was getting married. So I used Barefoot Blonde Hair to get the extra length and volume that I wanted.


Hair and Makeup:

One of my friends who recently got married recommended The Pretty Parlor and I was SO pleased with their work.  I ended up decided that each of the bridesmaids would get their makeup done and then they could do their own hair since I just wanted them to have their hair down in loose curls.  They each paid $75 and the girls did an amazing job (it may be $80 now since I booked them at their old 2019 rates).  I got my hair and makeup down which I believe was $200 total.  I didn’t do a trial and they were able to get the looks I wanted based off my Pinterest.


Bridesmaids Dresses:

I decided from the beginning that each bridesmaid could choose her dress.  I just said, within a blush, nude mauve color scheme and floor length.  They would send me their pick and I would approve! This was super easy and they were all happy with how they looked that day and how much money they spent on their dress.  Dresses came from Lulus, Amazon and Nordstrom.

Bridesmaid Gifts:

For the gifts I got the girls robes – which I found from amazon, cute wine glasses – also from amazon and hair clips from Summer Buns, which they wore the day of.  I kept it fairly simple just because of the time restraint and gave everyone their gifts the day of.

The Groom:

We ended up renting Chris’s tux from Men’s Warehouse for $200.  It was a tux by Vera Wang and we decided to nix the vest.  It came with literally everything (except the suspenders which we just got the same ones the groomsmen had).  The shoes we decided to rent were the square toe, it’s a small detail but it definitely makes a difference. I think he looked SO good.

Flower Girls:

The flower girls got their dresses from amazon too! Seriously, best invention ever.  Here is the link.  I absolutely loved how they looked and I had my florist make baby’s breath halos for them to complete the look.

Groomsmen and Ring Bearer:

We got all of them matching suspenders and bow ties (once again from amazon).  They all provided their own white button down shirts, black slacks and black shoes.  I thought they all looked very dapper and it was simple and easy.  Here is the link for the adults and here is the link for the kiddos.


Mrs Barr Jacket:

I was scrolling through Pinterest and I saw the cutest idea to wear a denim jacket during the reception.  My sister got me this one from Etsy and I was in love! I think it added a little of my own style (as I am writing this I am wearing a denim jacket) and fun to the look.

I think that’s it for now! I was so happy with how everyone looked and how everything was simple and easy.  Yes, I am was very concerned with how things look but I knew there was a way to achieve the look I wanted with out spending a million dollars.  I also thought giving the bridal party the freedom to wear their own pieces allowed them to spend however much they felt comfortable with.  I will be doing more posts about the planning process, the vendors I used and why as well as just how everything has been going!  It has been quite the start to 2020 and I wouldn’t change it.

Stay Sweet,



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