Q + A: My Relationship

Hey Saltee People!

This week, today actually marks 1 month of marriage so I thought this would be a fitting blog post.  A few weeks ago I asked you guys to ask me questions on IG and now we’re answering them!

Were you planning on getting pregnant before you got engaged?

Definitely not! I actually wrote a blog post going into more depth about this which you can find here.  Long story short, we found out I am pregnant, got engaged, and then got married in that order.  Although it was unexpected, I all seems so meant to be.  We are so excited.


How many children do you want together?

I would say we want one of each.  So if we have a girl next 2, but if we have another boy I personally would like to try one more time.  But seriously who knows, if we have unlimited money and amazing children we could have more. I am only 23 so I have some time, LOL!

How did he propose?

So I am not going to go into too much detail because I want to do another blog post on this.  But I thought we were just going on a walk along the beach (no, I didn’t suspect anything because his mom had been telling us to do this for like weeks, even before I found out about our baby) and then once we got to a certain spot on the beach he took my hands, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  It was super romantic and it was awesome because my whole family was there.

First date?

I would say our first date was my senior prom! I had asked him kind of as a yolo way and we had hung out a bunch before then but I would count prom as our first official date.

How did you meet?

I wrote a blog post about this that you can find here! But pretty much I texted him out of the blue and prayed he didn’t think I was creepy.  Then I asked him to my senior prom and the rest is history!

Date activity recommendations?

I would say our go to date activity is going somewhere to eat.  Whether it’s dinner or just a quick snack its fun to try new things and spend quality time together out of the house.  Before I was pregnant we also used to love going to breweries and getting flights to share.  It’s pretty inexpensive and Chris home brews so it’s fun to explore the San Diego micro brew industry.  During the summer my favorite thing to do is to go to the beach and just hang out.  It’s not a super luxurious list but sometimes all you need is a change of scenery and one an other to have an amazing time.

How was the distance part of your relationship different?

The long distance part of our relationship seems like so long ago.  For those who don’t know Chris and I did long distance pretty much the first 4 years of our relationship.  Since we started dating our senior year of high school and had already chosen schools in different states we knew going into our relationship we would be spending a lot of time apart.  This was REALLY hard.  I would cry and just mope constantly if I wasn’t keeping myself super busy.  I would say communication and honesty is a big part of what helped us get through those 4 years.  There also wasn’t a time difference so I feel like that made the worlds of a difference. We would also schedule visits in advanced so we ended up seeing each other once a month.  Saying that now sounds so crazy because now I feel like that would be impossible.  Distance is one of those things where if you are truly meant to be with that person it will come naturally.  NOT EASY, being away from someone you love will never be easy but if you are both willing to work through the distance, you will learn how to communicate in a way that is best for the two of you over trial and error. I could obviously write a whole blog post about this so if you guys are interested please let me know!

What’s something you two disagree on?

Hmmm. This one is really hard.  I feel like Chris doesn’t like swimming in the ocean nearly as much as I do, in the beginning of our relationship I would have to basically drag him to the beach.  I really love spicy food and he does not. We both were raised in similar households with similar political and religious beliefs so there’s not a lot ethically that we disagree on.  I wish I had like a juicy answer for you guys and if I think of something I’ll add it in as an edit :). 

That is all of the questions I got this time around! If you liked this style of post please let me know and I am so more than happy to start doing more.  Have a sweet day!



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