How I plan: Monthly, Weekly + Daily

Hey Saltee People,

Last week I posted an IG story about planning out March and I got a lot of responses asking me how I use my planner and where I got it! So that inspired this blog post.  First off, I have ALWAYS been a planner person.  I’ve been using a planner since elementary school and have gradually developed a system of what I like and don’t like.  For me, I love planners with a monthly and weekly spread.  I used to have one that had monthly, weekly, and daily but for me, I don’t really need that much space.  The planner I am using for 2020 is one that Chris got me off of Amazon by Bloom Planners, super inexpensive (considering I used to spend like $30 on a planner) and I like the design a lot!


Let’s start off with how I plan my month.  I start out by going to the monthly spread and filling out anything I know is happening.  As the month progresses I will add more once I have plans set in stone.  This could be anything from when I get paid, when I have a photo shoot, when I need to make a payment, birthdays, literally anything I need to remember is happening that month.  From there, my planner has a nice spot where I can set goals for the month.  I fill that out a few days before the previous month ends.  It’s nice to have a space where I can write down and set goals. I feel that when you take things to pen and paper they become more real.


Weekly planning for me is kind of similar to monthly where I will fill out any events I know are happening as early as I know plans are locked in.  Those go either at the very top or the very bottom.  From there I will add in anything that comes up through out the week.  There is a spot for a weekly focus so I will make sure to fill that out and change it week to week.  I also love that there is a weekly quote.  This usually inspires my focus or just gives me some food for thought that week.  Weekly planning for me is just a way to look where I have time and where I don’t in a more visual way.  I don’t go to into depth as I plan each day individually.


Daily planning used to be VERY in depth for me.  I used to plan waking up, taking a shower, making the bed, eating breakfast … and so the list goes on. Now, since I have a more regular schedule then when I worked retail I usually plan my days right when I get into work.  Depending on if I have meetings or various tasks those will go into my daily to-do list.  From there I look at what I have going on after work.  I will usually put a few tasks I feel like I can do once I get home.  I will say, the after work situation is really variable depending on how I’m feeling, if anyone comes over so if something doesn’t get done then I will cross out the task and move it to the next day.


That’s pretty much it! I have found that making lists and planning ahead is something that makes me feel better and have a clear mind for the day.  I also have found that having a physical planner as opposed to doing it all on my phone allows me to get my thoughts in line and checking off goals and tasks is a way of positive reinforcement. I hope this helped you guys out and you got some tips and tricks you might use in your everyday life!

Stay Sweet,


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