Road trip Necessities – Newborn Edition

Hello Saltee People,

As some of you may know, in September my husband, sister, son and I did a road trip from San Diego, CA to Coeur D’Lane Idaho! I was incredibly nervous about driving that far with my newborn… like who does that? To give you some background information, at the time, Jameson was 2 months old. I exclusively breastfeed and most of the time Jameson sleeps in his crib. I definitely think that if you are going to travel make sure that it’s somewhere you really want to go. Traveling with a newborn is A LOT of work and we brought A LOT of things. So in some ways, I’m glad that we drove because we could bring everything we needed, but it was more than triple the travel time and definitely tested my patience.

What you need in the car:

We spent a total or 40 hours in the car there and back. I knew that I would just nurse when I needed to (totally understand if you’re not comfortable with that) so we wouldn’t have to stop every 3 hours. For the most part Jameson did really well. When he woke up in the morning, I would feed him, change him and then we’d be on the road.

1: Diapers, wipes, mini trash bags and a changing pad. – for this I literally had a whole pack of diapers and wipes in a designated spot in the back seat. I didn’t want to have to fumble through my diaper bag as it was already a tight space in the back. Whenever we stopped I would always change him just in the back seat on the changing pad. I did NOT want to go in a sketchy gas station bathroom. If I didn’t have a trash can available I would just put the dirty diaper in the mini trash bag and tie it off and throw it away when we got to a trash can.

2. Cover for the carseat – We have the Nuna Pipa carseat and LOVE it because it has a cover built in that allows good air circulation. Normally we have Jameson nap in his crib, in the dark so making the backseat as dark as possible really allowed him to feel some type of normalcy.

3. A portable sound machine – We use the Cloud B Sleep Sheep on the go. The sound goes for 45 minutes and it has options like ocean, rain, heart beat. We use a continuous sound machine at home but for the road trip this was perfect. We just put the sound machine over his carseat when it was nap time, so we could still chat quietly and listen to music. Like I said above, it was all about making the environment as close to home as possibe.

4. A Stroller Fan – The fan we have is linked here. I specifically like this one because it also has an LED light built in, so if it was dark and I needed to look for something then I was able to use the light on the dim setting and not have it be too bright. We also don’t have vents in the back seat to being able to turn the fan on and have it circulate the air kept Jameson, and myself comfy.

5. Boppy Pillow – I did nurse on the go. I totally understand not wanting to do this, but if you do having the nursing pillow in the back seat right where I needed it was SO helpful. I definitely can’t imagine nursing on the go with out it, and I feel like it would’ve been 100x more difficult of a trip.

6. Lot’s of burp clothes/blankets – I pretty much made sure I had 5 in the car for the trip to clean up spit up. Having multiple was great too because spit up can be kind of smelly, and having a clean burp cloth to use was very nice.

7. A change of clothes – Jameson did have one blow out on the trip. Obviously we had clothes in the suitcases but having the change of clothes readily available when needed was awesome. I also did use one of the mini trash bags I mentioned above to put the soiled outfit in.

Overall, I think the biggest thing is to organize the backseat to your needs. I had the diapers and wipes set up in one spot, his blankets in another, etc. It will make the trip a little bit easier on you. The easier it is t access the things you need, the quicker you can sooth/entertain/feed your baby. I hope you guys found this helpful!

Stay Sweet,


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