10 Gifts to Give Your: Ladies

Hey Saltee People,

So originally I was going to do a combined gift guide for all of my people in my life BUT that became really overwhelming and I didn’t really know how to make it nice and neat. SO, here is a list of gifts I think would be great for the ladies in your life! ALL of these are things that I either own, bought as a gift or am hoping someone gets me as a gift! I also included TONs of small businesses that you can support. I will be including links to all items and some will be affiliate links. I would really appreciate you using my links as it really really helps me out! So with out further delay, here is my gift guide for the gals in your life

First up is something small but I am obsessed with them. These silk scrunchies from Shop Summer Buns are a go to gift. I bought a few more to give as a gift for some of my close friends. Shop Summer Buns is a small business run by my friend Allysa. The scrunchies range from $12-15 and I think they make a great stocking stuffer.

Next up we have this super cute phone case from Casetify. I personally got mine with my son’s name on it. I really really love the personalization. I purchased this for myself a few months ago and really really love it. It’s super cute, and not super expensive.

The next is something I am personally obsessed with and use multiple times a week! That is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. I think it’s such a cute gift, and definitely will be used. I actually received this as a gift from my friend Kenna and it made me so happy. I love giving gifts that people wouldn’t normally buy themselves but will still use a TON, and that is what this mask is for me!

I couldn’t not include these on my gift guide. I always find myself in need of them. I’m talking some cute face masks! I love these from Kitsch. They are super breathable, super inexpensive and super cute. I honestly feel like right now, you can’t have too many. I feel like i’m constantly looking for one because it’s misplaced or in the wash, so having multiple to keep in your purse, car or by the front door is super handy. Your friends will thank you!

Okay, I might be biased but this next one I literally use EVERYDAY. A lot of you may not know this but I work for a sandal company called Reef. They started developing these sandals when I first got hired and I have just been waiting for them to be released! I bought them as soon as I could. The Scout is seriously my new every day go to. I slide them on and style them with jeans, leggings or whatever and I am ready to go. They may be kind of a mom shoe but I am totally in LOVE! They are also super comfy and I feel like they just go with everything.

The next is another mom thing… it’s my diaper bag. I bought this for myself but I really think it would be a great gift for any mama to be in your life! The Fawn diaper bag is super cute, and I have been loving it. There are tons of pockets for organization and you can wear it as a cross body or backpack. I actually have two diaper bags and I haven’t even touched the other one because I love this one SO MUCH!

Three words: LACK OF COLOR. I have three hats from them and two of them I got as gifts. I was SO happy to get them as a present because let’s be honest…. they’re pricey. The one I bought with my own money is the Rancher in Teak. I wear this one the most and I feel like it makes any outfit I’m wearing 1000 times more stylish. I definitely feel like it’s a nicer gift but I promise you it will get TONS of use and whoever you get it for will be a very happy girl!

We have another small business coming at you! This next one is Lux Unfiltered. If you know me, you know I’m pretty obsessed with anything that Sivan comes up with. She has a few different products but the one I’ve personally used and would love to receive as a gift is the self tanning lotion No 32. It’s a great gradual self tanning lotion and smells amazing.

The next thing is the perfect stocking stuffer. I also just love support small etsy shops and there were a TON of cute options to choose from. I’m talking about keychains! I have two that I really love. The first is a motel style keychain. These come in all colors and styles and there are even some that you can personalize but I loved this one in particular from the etsy shop Shop Eleven Eleven. The next style that I thought was super cute is the resin initial key chains. Once again SO many to choose from but my favorite one that I saw is this one by Resin and Sun.

The last is something I absolutely love receiving every single year: A Planner. I have a few that I’ve loved over the years. Passion Planner, Lilly Pullitzer, Bloom daily planner, but this year I asked for one from Golden Coil. I specifically was drawn to this one because you can customize the layout! I have always been pretty picky with my planners to I love that I can finally get exactly what I want. I know 2020 was kind of crazy but nothing like a new crisp planner to get you ready to make 2021 a great year!

Alright guys, those are my gift ideas for all of you! I really tried to find items that weren’t on amazon or from large corporations. I know it’s not always easy, but I really encourage you guys to shop small this holiday season. I know you’re hearing that everywhere but it is SO important. I hope all of you have a great holiday season and I will be back with two more gift guides very soon!

Stay Saltee!


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