All About Allergies with Mighty Me

Hey Saltee People! Last month (MAY) was Allergy Awareness Month, and I fully intended on sharing this blog post then. But to be super transparent, the month got away from me. So, here I am in June, writing this blog post. Although not Allergy Awareness Month, I still want to talk about this because it's... Continue Reading →

What Happened in the NICU

Hey Saltee People, I was going through my 2020 journal - any one else every do this? - and realized I never really explained what happened after I gave birth. I have my birth story on youtube (you can click here to see that) but I didn't really cover what happened immediately after. It's not... Continue Reading →

Sleep Training our 5 Month Old

Hey Saltee People: Today we are talking about my sleep training experience. I chose to go with the Taking Cara Babies ABC's of sleep. This one I particularly liked because it stressed that it was not a cry it out method. I also love Cara and I think she has so much good information and... Continue Reading →

Transitioning Out of The Swaddle

Hey Saltee People, Today we are talking about the transition out of the swaddle. Just to give you some background information on swaddling as I know a lot of you may just be reading this as non-parents. Newborns are proven to sleep better and longer when swaddled. They have a startle reflex that causes their... Continue Reading →

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