Spread The Love: Treat YOSELF

HEY SALTEE PEOPLE, So, we've talked about loving the world, loving your gals, loving your man/girl/person but NOW it's time to talk about loving YOURSELF.  This is something that I think is sooo important.  It's so easy to get caught up in everyone else, work, school and forget about you.  I just got back from... Continue Reading →

Hello Birdie

Hi loves! I was walking down the streets of North Park on Monday and I came across Hello Birdie Nail and Lash Lab.  My first though: what a cute place!  I went inside and asked if they had any seats available for walk in and unfortunately they did not so I instead scheduled an appointment... Continue Reading →

Spring Break Essentials

Hello Friends!! I am so excited to share with you my spring break essentials.  Honestly this could also be like a beach bag/travel essentials but since spring break is upon us I figured this would be more relevant.  So yeah let's get into it. The first is sunglasses.  Definitely hate spending the day squinting at... Continue Reading →

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