What Happened in the NICU

Hey Saltee People, I was going through my 2020 journal - any one else every do this? - and realized I never really explained what happened after I gave birth. I have my birth story on youtube (you can click here to see that) but I didn't really cover what happened immediately after. It's not... Continue Reading →

Why I became an Influencer

Hi Saltee People! Happy 2019... wow that's crazy.  I can't believe another year has passed.  I was just browsing Youtube and I came across an interesting video by The 5eleven.  It talks mainly about monetizing your instagram BUT the thing that really hit me was Suzy goes on to say that you really need to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Wait by The Phone

Hello Lovely People, I have caught myself waiting.  Waiting for a call, waiting for a text, waiting for an email, waiting for likes.  Why?  Why am I waiting on other people.  Why am I stuck staring at my phone to see if someone will call me, or how many people will comment on my photo.... Continue Reading →

You Give and You Take

Hello Loves, It is currently 12:21 am here in sunny San Diego and I originally was going to write an inspiring instagram caption but suddenly my caption turned into paragraphs so I decided that perhaps a blog post would be more appropriate. Here is what I started out saying: "One day all the love you... Continue Reading →

getting back in a groove

Hello People, I have obviously been on a hiatus.  I haven't been motivated, my life has no structure and I will admit this with out any shame.  I had a little bit of down time in between my finals and the start of summer classes and in that time I became a useless blob of... Continue Reading →

Inhale Positivity Exhale Negativity

Hello Lovely People! I know I promised an April favorites post but today I am feeling compelled to write about dealing with negativity in your life.  Yesterday I went on a rant about how Instagram has been making it very difficult for influencers to grow.  Today I got a message about how I need to... Continue Reading →

“Be Influenced but Don’t Steal”

Hello Lovely People I think it is kind of obvious what I'm going to talk about from the title, but I am going to just explain why I am finally expressing my thoughts on social media and the difference between stealing creative content and being inspired/influenced.  Lately this has been a prevalent topic in my... Continue Reading →

Breaking up is hard to do.

Hello lovely people, I really wasn't sure if I wanted to write about this.  It's personal and painful.  I could go on about the reason why I didn't want to write this blog post.  However, there are a few things that I feel I do need to address.  I haven't been able to write about... Continue Reading →

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