Year of Self

  Hello Everyone! Happy 2017.  I am so excited for this year and the opportunities that will come with it.  I have so many hopes and so much motivation to achieve my dreams.  I just want to say before I get deeper into this post that by no means am I promoting being selfish and... Continue Reading →

December 2016

Hey Guys, So being the last month of 2016 I have a few thoughts and I guess you could say ideas I would like to share with you all. The first is to be grateful.  Originally I looked back upon this year and only saw the negative.  I literally said to myself "this went wrong,... Continue Reading →

I Forgot I had a Blog

So its two weeks til finals here at SDSU and between my new job at Sun Diego, procrastinating and then scrambling to do my homework I realized today that I had neglected this blog.  Honestly, I don't even know if it's because I was too busy but more of the fact that I really haven't been... Continue Reading →

Romans 5:8

Hi Guys! If you follow me on instagram you guys might have seen one of my recent posts.  It was dedicated to my favorite bible verse, Romans 5:8.  I found myself writing the caption and realized that I could write so much more, so here it is.  I am Roman Catholic, and my faith has been... Continue Reading →


Hello Friends, Since it is the last day of the month I thought it would only be appropriate to title today's post August.  This month has been very jam packed as it closed summer, began the school year and many other things. I look back to the beginning of this month, and I had no... Continue Reading →

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