Bali Body: Why I love it

Happy March Saltee People!!! I am so excited for this blog post because it is in collaboration with one of my favorite brands: BALI BODY.  So I bought myself the watermelon tanning oil last year and I LOVED it I then purchased the BB cream and I was hooked.  I will be giving you guys... Continue Reading →

Spread The Love: Treat YOSELF

HEY SALTEE PEOPLE, So, we've talked about loving the world, loving your gals, loving your man/girl/person but NOW it's time to talk about loving YOURSELF.  This is something that I think is sooo important.  It's so easy to get caught up in everyone else, work, school and forget about you.  I just got back from... Continue Reading →

Spread the love: Planet

Hey Saltee People! It is the month of LOVE! Every blog post for the month of February will be touching on a different aspect of love.  The first is love your planet.  I know, kind of cheesy but it's so important that we treat our home (aka earth) with respect and this company that I... Continue Reading →

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