Q + A: My Relationship

Hey Saltee People! This week, today actually marks 1 month of marriage so I thought this would be a fitting blog post.  A few weeks ago I asked you guys to ask me questions on IG and now we're answering them! Were you planning on getting pregnant before you got engaged? Definitely not! I actually... Continue Reading →

How We Met

Hey Saltee People, Here we are, staying true to my promise/goal of one blog post a week.  This week I asked IG to decide the blog's fate... how we met or how he proposed.  Let me tell you how we met won by a landslide.  I honestly LOVE telling this story.  It makes me sound... Continue Reading →

getting back in a groove

Hello People, I have obviously been on a hiatus.  I haven't been motivated, my life has no structure and I will admit this with out any shame.  I had a little bit of down time in between my finals and the start of summer classes and in that time I became a useless blob of... Continue Reading →

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